Help re-elect Howard Shore and help Thornhill continue to be the place we are proud to call home. The success of this campaign depends on your support, in the form of time, ideas and funds. 

You can contribute to my campaign:
  • Online right now using your credit card and fast, and secure, PayPal
  • By cheque, made out to "Howard Shore Re-Election Campaign" and mailed or dropped off to 49 Ladyslipper, Thornhill, Ontario, L3T 2S6

If you have any questions, please contact the Howard Shore Re-election Campaign.

Individuals residing in Ontario are eligible for rebates from Markham of up to $350. The minimum net contribution to qualify for a rebate is $50. From $50 to $300 you get back 75%. The portion over $300 up to $550, receives 50%. Above that, there is no rebate increase. The most you can give to the "Howard Shore Re-Election Campaign 2014" is $750. You can donate to more than one candidate, but your maximum rebate is still $350. A donor cannot give more than $5,000 to candidates for Markham Council. Rebates will be paid by cheque in April 2015. Companies and unions are not eligible for rebates. The Act permits contributions from individuals residing in Ontario, and businesses and unions operating in Ontario. If you want off our mailing list, please send an email or call.